Hello you! I am so glad you’re here! My name is Morgan and I’m a wife and mom of three boys under four/interior designer! I truly enjoy helping women (mothers especially) create beautiful functional spaces in their homes! As a stay at home mom I know how it feels to live in an unfinished unorganized home while raising little ones. There’s nothing more annoying than having to keep your kids alive while taking care of your daily chores AND seeing unfinished home projects or spaces all around you. It can definitely make you a little crazy!

We are a family that loves to design and DIY. I truly believe when your home looks how you want it to it makes you feel at peace and you can take on the world around you a lot easier! I’ve always felt when the house is a mess from the kids but everything is pretty it doesn’t bother you as much because it looks like a pretty mess! Beautiful chaos!

Now that we have done so much for ourselves I really desire to help others with their homes and spaces. I want other mom’s who don’t know how to design or decorate get that home they desire to have. It’s so fun for me to look at a space and make it functional and pretty for a family. A place with pretty decor and hidden storage for all the things! This allows mothers to be mothers and to focus on what really matters! Making memories with their children.

My Divine Home is no longer just my personal home Instagram page. It’s now the name of my design business! Along with my Instagram where I share our home projects and designs. I also have my own interior design business (FINALLY) called Divine Restorations where I can help you get that desired completed space in your home! I chose the name “My Divine Home” when I started this blog and my Instagram because the word “Divine” means “of, from, or like God” which has huge meaning to me! After having 3 children and 3 homes in 6 years I really learned who God has called me to be. I’m here to create, encourage, serve and share the amazing love of Jesus!

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