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Cozy Master Bedroom Design

Congratulations to Brooke for winning a free design board for her master bedroom! So many great items here plus more! This design is not only for Brooke but also for anyone who has stumbled upon this post. Each week I share designs that are special requests from followers! I hope this inspires you and you find items that work in your space! You can pin these photos and shop them later. Please feel free to share my designs with others!

This bed is very popular right now. It is a splurge but the quality is amazing. The height of the headboard is great and there are lots of color options. I always like to have (3) 26 x 26 pillows flanking the front of the headboard. I get my feather inserts from IKEA. I’m not able to link those on my LTK so I shared some from Target. The Target size is 24 x 24 and that works fine! You always want to size down your covers so you get a tight fit. Then you can add two king pillows or 4. Plus a few throw pillows up front. Layering bedding adds a cozy feel. I also linked my favorite duvet insert and white duvet cover with a textured throw on top!

click here to shop

click here to shop

I am not always a fan of matching the dresser to the nightstands. I think it’s great finding different styles that still work together! However if you decide to have everything match it will still look good.

For Brooke I would match the nightstands to the dresser because you had mentioned you are keeping your current bed. Too many different wood tones makes a space feel unbalanced.

I do recommend swapping out your bed for an upholstered bed. It makes the space feel more cozy! The trees I added would look great in the far left corner of your room by the bigger window. Since you only have one window to the right it would add some balance to the large wall. I also suggest the blinds for all of your windows. I think doing curtains draws too much attention to the windows. Blinds adds a touch of warmth without stealing the show or bringing too much attention to the random window on the right of your focal wall.

If you have any questions please send me a message!


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