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2 Kids Room Design Boards + Bedroom Storage Solutions

I get so many requests for kids rooms and storage ideas! I would love to do more kids rooms, nurseries and play room designs! Scroll down to shop my posts on Liketoknowit. If you have any questions about making a design come to life please feel free to reach out and ask me anything!

click here to shop

click here to shop

Here are a few of my favorite storage items plus more when you shop the image on LTK! We love shoving the boys’ stuffed animals inside their storage bean bag. They won’t let me get rid of those things so It’s one of the best items I’ve found for storage. We also love having their fabric storage ottomans at the ends of their beds. They can put their own toys, blankets and whatever else they like in their own special ottoman.

click here to shop

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope this helps you plan out a special space for your children and you found some easy ways to hide all the things! You can pin these images to shop them later!


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