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Two Simple Entryway Designs

Choose a cute bench or console table for your entryway! Two simple designs I think you’re going to love! I always use my 3D program to make sure these items will actually work together. I will share the best sizes! Always make sure to measure them in your own space before ordering!

Option 1: Bench with frames

click here to shop

Option 2: Console table with seating & artwork

click here to shop

My first daily design blogpost! I hope to send designs to your inbox every other day. If you are not subscribed already what are you waiting for?! Let’s be design buddies and I’ll help you love where you live!

All links are affiliated with Liketoknowit. This means I make a small commission on any sale after you click the link! You don’t have to purchase the exact item but any item on the website. This is no extra cost to you! You also don’t have to download the liketoknowit app. You can shop the links without signing up however when you follow me on the liketoknow it app you can gain access to more home items I share daily! Purchasing from my links helps me continue to share more designs like this for you. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to send me a message!

See you next time!


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