Shared Boy Room Bedroom Plans

In our new home I decided to have my 3 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old share a bedroom. After living in our trailer for a little over 3 months with the boys sleeping so close to each other (and to us) I felt like they might be a little upset sleeping alone in their own rooms. With all the changes of moving into a new home and having a new baby I thought they would find comfort in sleeping in a room together.

At first my design plan would include Carter (my one year old) still in his crib but by the time we had settled into our new home he started climbing out of his crib! Not even two years old yet and he was flying out of that thing!

I was actually excited to have two matching twin beds in their room but was not looking forward to transitioning Carter from his crib to a twin bed. It’s been a few weeks now and he is finally sleeping good (and staying) in his new bed (Praise God). We have the new beds put together but I have yet to paint their room and order the things I need to complete the space. So until then here is their shared boy room design plan!

Faux Leather Pillow Cover | Metal Twin Bed | Dresser | Light Fixtures | Buffalo Check Quilt Set | Storage Ottoman | White Bedding

If you didn’t notice the buffalo check and the green paint for the walls are very similar to what we had in our previous home. I had some leftover green paint from Carter’s old nursery and we had buffalo check bedding in Brayden’s old room. I still love these colors and prints! I also felt like it would bring some familiarity to the room which would hopefully bring back good memories and feelings for my boys from our last house. I’m so excited to get going on their room and to show my boys when it’s finished.

For their new room I had to go with Beddy’s bedding again! The boys love Beddy’s and so do I because they make life fun and easy. Most mornings the boys love to make their beds but if for some reason they don’t I usually have to and it’s super easy! All you have to do is zip up the top blanket and you’re done! Then the bed is made and we can be on with our day!

You can also let your babes zip themselves up in their beds at night (which my oldest loves to do) and it makes them feel a sense of comfort all cozy in their beds. They can easily zip themselves out if they need to get out of their bed too. We have the “Love at First White” Beddy’s on their new beds and I love starting a bedroom design with a neutral color bedding so I can layer other colors and patterns with the bedding!

I hope you love my design and it inspires you to make a special space for yourself and/or for your children. You don’t have to do a lot or spend a lot to make a space feel homey or special. My design started by seeing a photo on Pinterest that inspired me and a leftover can of green paint! The green color I will be using is called “Retreat” By Sherwin Williams.

Inspiration Source

The last thing I want to mention is the magic light trick! I will be doing this with the light fixtures I put over the boys’ beds. I’ve done it many times in our last home and in our trailer! It will most likely be the highlight of the entire room for my boys! They love turning them on and off. I think they will feel so special having their own light above their own bed.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for the process and reveal of our shared boy room!

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