Travel Trailer Plans & Progress | Our Temporary Home on Wheels!

The Big Why

So many of you have been asking us why the heck did we sell our beautifully remodeled home we just finished so we could live in a trailer? I know it sounds crazy and it still does for us too. When God tells you to do something no matter how hard it may be you should listen. Not in a scary you’re going to get in trouble if you don’t kind of way. Nothing can make him love you any less! When you know God and his character you know his plans for you are always good. He wants to give you his very best so why wouldn’t you listen and trust him?

I kind of wonder how many people have heard God tell them to do something (leaving their comfort zone) and they didn’t listen. Those people were clinging to whatever they currently have and not allowing God to work in their life giving them something way better. There are many stories in the bible about this. Walking in faith. When I speak about this a photo always comes to my mind. I have actually been through this kind of thing many times in my life and the Lord has never let me down. Thinking a certain plan is best for you when he has a better one for you! I have gone through some hard things like loss and illness too but God has always brought good out of all of it. All we have to do is step out in faith. He wants to bless his children (us) so much.

Some might have thoughts about us thinking we must of not been content with our home and with all the renovating and decorating we are materialistic. I’ve thought about this many times and I so hope we don’t come across that way. We work very hard for what we have and we also bless others along the way. I love home decor and furniture but if you walked into my home and told me you loved something I had and wished you had one just like it I would give it to you in a heartbeat! That is my heart.

As a follower of Jesus he has really changed our hearts to where we aren’t attached to material items. You can’t take it with you when you die! Yes it’s a joy and a passion of mine to decorate, buy/build furniture and renovate but that’s not my entire heart. Surprising huh? You see what you want to see on social media. God and my family are my everything. My husband and I talked the other day about how we could have nothing but if we had God and our family we would be content and happy. I truly believe that is the best place to have your heart. With Jesus. Your main focus should always be on God. I can admit sometimes I can get caught up in buying the right thing for my home or obsessing over a project. I am human. I always strive to keep my eyes on the Lord which brings everything back into perspective. He keeps me in balance.

Another thing I want to touch on is the renovating and selling aspect. Remodeling homes and selling them for more we have found is the only way to get ahead. That is our own opinion. This does not mean we are not content with what we have or what we’ve worked so hard on to build. Buying and selling is the only way to be out of debt (in our opinion again) and have cash to take care of our family needs. If you stay in your home for over two years you also won’t get taxed on your profit when you sell. We strongly feel that God is not a fan of being in debt. “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:18 and “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.” Proverbs 22:7. We also personally don’t like being in debt. It truly does not feel right. After selling our very first home we used the profit to pay off both of our vehicles and more. We have been living with no car payments or any major debt for a few years now and it’s really the best feeling ever.

I could go on and on about this topic. There’s also scripture about the love of money and wherever your treasure is there your heart will also be. We have a good balance of having nice things and taking care of what we have but also being okay with not having it. If you have the Lord and his love first in your heart nothing else matters. You could lose everything and still be okay.

Back to getting ahead and following the Lord’s direction for us and our family. After we found out we had a 3rd child on the way both my husband and I felt at peace with staying right where we were. We just finished remodeling our home and thought how perfect! We can just focus on raising our kids in this finished home and not have to do another project! This seemed like the best most stable plan for us. Once we felt “comfortable” with this plan that’s when the Lord began to speak to both of our hearts. I would have a word from the Lord one morning and then later that day Cody would come home and have the same idea. It’s amazing when you and your spouse have a close relationship with God. You are completely and totally on the same page with God’s plan. The Lord will never speak different things to your hearts. He will always speak the same thing and that’s when you know it’s him. He is not a God of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33).

Long story short we started feeling like we were supposed to move and that we would soon outgrow our home. We felt it was finished and we had a peace about leaving it to a new homeowner. We would truly be blessing someone. A new growing family! We made our own plans hoping they were God’s plans to play it safe and stay in our home but list it. We pray about everything of course and wait for the Lord’s direction. We would then search for our next home when we found it we could make an offer contingent on selling our home. Seemed like a good safe plan right? Bing bang boom we would sell and move straight into our next home! Then we wouldn’t have to try and find a place to stay in between homes. That was our plan.

Then eventually as we started house hunting we heard from our realtor that it’s best to sell your home first before finding your next home. The reason this is best is because it would be a done deal selling your home and when the next house pops up you’re able to make a good offer, no contingencies and you’re ready to move in! Your offer will look better than all other offers and you’ll be able to snatch up a house quick.

We thought no way though… We have kids and where the heck would we go? What if we don’t find a house before the next baby comes? We don’t want to have to rent or live with someone while we wait. It seemed impossible. We prayed about everything and as the days went on I got a phone call from Cody when he was headed home from work one day. He said, “I don’t think you’re going to want to do this but what if we got a trailer and lived in it somewhere while we waited for our next home?” Instantly I laughed and said “Heck no! I do not want to do that. Especially with a baby on the way. That’s crazy.”

After hearing about Cody’s trailer idea and how we could buy one with cash after selling our home I began to pray about the house stuff again. Not necessarily about the trailer. Since I didn’t love the idea. A few days later I had been praying and spending time with the Lord and one morning I had this thrill and joy in my heart about the trailer idea. I’m telling you I was so against the idea. I wanted to throw it away (my son Brayden says that when he doesn’t like something). That’s when I knew God was speaking to my heart. There’s been so many things in my life where he has sort of tricked me into doing things. He knows me and knows what will get me to do something. I believe he knew if I got excited about remodeling a trailer I would do it. Well guess what! He was right!

This brings me to the scripture “A man’s heart plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 This has truly happened my entire walk with God. Every day we try to walk in his will and sometimes we do try to plan our own way hoping it’s his way or he’s okay with it because of fear or not liking something for ourselves. God is a good God though and has good plans for us. If you’re living to please him and seeking him he will speak to your heart in a special way and direct your path. That’s just what he did.

I’ve learned that each person has a special unique relationship with God. We are all on our own paths leading to give him the glory and It’s not a burden! On my own walk with God things might seem uncomfortable when he asks us to do something but it’s planned out in a perfect way only for us to do. Again it isn’t burdensome and he provides everything we need along the way. You will feel at peace and know he’s right there with you holding your hand along the way. In this journey he has us on I believe he is bringing good out of all of it. He knows we will be an example for him and share our journey with others. Bringing him all the glory! Which brings me so much joy and honor to do!

The main purpose for this plan to leave our home is to provide for our children. I am not just a wife and a designer but a mom. My biggest purpose is being a mom and providing for my children, loving them and teaching them about Jesus. By moving out and into a trailer we are teaching them that we trust the Lord, that we could care less about material things, that if we have family we have everything and simple living is good. We will have more time to spend with our children and more time to help/serve others.

Living in a trailer brings us closer and also encourages us to go outside more. We are already in our trailer and so far we absolutely love it! The kids love it too. Again, as long as we are together and having fun they are the happiest kids in the world. I have less time to focus on cleaning a house and more time to spend with my children. We have less things to worry about and more time for family. Yes we remodeled a trailer but because of how small it is the remodel was quick! Actually very quick because we wanted to get it done super fast so we could get moved in and spend time with our kids right away. Most blogs I read said it took them 2-6 weeks to remodel a trailer. So far we spent 4 days on a majority of the remodel and 2 days on the rest. We still have a few more odds and ends to fix and put back together but it shouldn’t take much more time!

Last thing I want to share is financially why this was the best plan for us. God knew every little detail about the outcome of this. Emotionally and financially. In doing this we will be able to buy a family vehicle with cash, our trailer with cash, a new home (fixer upper) with a good down payment, plus money to do renovations whenever that may be. We will also be able to save a ton and keep it in our savings for something to fall back on. That savings is so important to us! Seems like a no brainer right?! So there you have it! I am sharing my heart, my life and God’s plans for us hoping to inspire just one of you! I want my life and everything I do to glorify God. He is everything to my family and I. I want that for you!

Everyone has a different journey so mine might be different than yours but the main thing is faith and knowing God loves you so deeply. He wants to use you and your talents to bring Glory to him. Like I said before it isn’t a a burden. If you have a good relationship with the Lord you will want to serve him and bring glory to his name because you love him. To me it’s the fullness of life. You will truly feel a purpose and thrive in your life serving others and bringing Glory to him. This is what we were created to do! By bringing Glory to him you show others his goodness and plan for the world which will hopefully cause others to believe in him. He has good plans for you if you just trust him and leave your comfort zone. It may not be your own vision of what you want your life to be like. He knows you the best though and I believe his will for you is the very best.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Now that I’ve shared why we are doing what we are doing I want to share the before photos of our trailer and my plans! I share a lot of progress on my Instagram but I want to try and blog more. So you may see a few new posts on my blog with the trailer progress!

Our Trailer | A Diamond in the Rough

When we started looking for a trailer we were just looking around on the Facebook Marketplace. We wanted to wait til we had the cash to buy the trailer and pay in full. So we would have to wait for our home to sell and close. It was fun keeping our eye out for a trailer while we waited. I knew what I wanted when looking for a trailer. I wanted something large and something that had a bunk room in the back for the kids. Maybe even something with a slide out in the back so we could have room for a crib. We were only looking to spend under $20,000.

One weekend after our home was pending we went to visit my parents near Bend, Oregon. We thought it would be fun to take my parents along and go look at trailers for fun. We could get an idea of prices and what was actually out there. We knew going out and about we would let the salesmen know we weren’t buying yet. We didn’t even have the cash yet.

We began to look at trailers and we started with the brand new ones. Of course they had subway tile in them and white cabinets. They were beautiful. The price tag wasn’t beautiful though! 30 – 40 thousand and up was what we were looking at. We did not want to pay that much and if we did we would end up having a payment. No thank you. We walked out of those newer trailers and walked onto the used lots. These trailers were disgusting! They were super cheap but needed tons of work. They either smelt like smoke, wet dog or mildew. For us that was a no go. It’s extremely hard to get smells out. Sometimes smells can be a sign of bad problems too like water damage.

Long story short we went to a different lot and among all the new trailers and used trailers we found our diamond in the rough! It was literally squished in the middle of a bunch of trailers. When we first walked in it smelt brand new. It was clearly older from the look of it but you could tell it was well taken care of. Very clean and not in bad shape at all. Just very outdated. This was what we wanted. It was move in ready if needed but of course we planned on remodeling it if it was the right price! Which it was!

They had it originally listed at $18,000 and had marked it down to $15,000. The guy was so awesome that we worked with and he said we could make an offer and they would consider anything we threw at them. Cody and I looked at each other and he said “What number are you thinking and I’ll tell you the number I’m thinking?!” The number that was in my head was $12,000. So I told Cody “You tell me your number first!” He said “I’m thinking 12?!” We knew that was the number since we were both thinking it! So we made our offer and they accepted it. We paid $1,000 extra for a full run through of the trailer with their trailer specialist. This would teach us everything about the trailer and also cover us if anything was broken or wrong they would pay for it to be fixed or replaced.

Remember when we said we weren’t going to buy anything that day? Turns out we did. Sort of! We were able to put 1K down to save the trailer for us until we could purchase it and pick it up when our home officially closed.

Introducing our 2010 Keystone Hideout

Things I love about this trailer: The space in the back has room for a crib on the bottom plus a little play area on the side of it. Eventually when our boys get bigger we can add a full size bed on the bottom or a twin bunk. I believe there used to be a full bed on the bottom but it was taken out. I love that there is a large slide in the living space. Makes the trailer feel big! I love that the TV swivels so it can be watched in the bedroom or the living space. It’s also kinda cool that there is a second door on the backside.

Trailer Plans

For the trailer remodel we knew we wanted to spend a week painting and putting in the floors so we could at least move in and finish everything else while living in it. I did a lot of research mostly on Pinterest finding blogs about trailer remodeling. I am definitely not the first to remodel a trailer so don’t just take my advice for things! Do your own research too! I’ll explain more about our DIY’s in more blog posts to come.

I used my design program to figure out different layouts we could do for the large slide. The windows are a little off centered because of the big dinette that was in the trailer. I knew I wanted to change that a little bit and make the sofa larger and dining area smaller. By switching the layout it made the furniture fit perfect under the windows and gave me what I was looking for.

However every sofa I have looked at with a pullout bed has not been able to workout. The length when the bed is pulled out won’t fit in the trailer on either side and I really don’t want a futon type. Reason being is because you have to scoot the sofa in and out to open and close. I want something that stays put and has a bed that pulls out. Unfortunately that isn’t going to work because I have not found one that will fit.

I may keep the built-in benches for the dinette and make them work because they do create a bed when you put the table down. Really I want to have at least one bed in this area since we may have guests stay with us from time to time and/or the boys when they get older there’s more places to sleep. I am still on the hunt for a sofa so as soon as I find one I will share!

It’s definitely been a challenge trying to figure out a new furniture plan for the slide out. There’s so many different options and ways you can do it.

If I have the sofa on the left side I was going to choose this IKEA >> sofa << and if I do the sofa on the right side I was thinking about getting this >> sofa << because of the window sizes. I want the sofa to fit evenly underneath of them. Then I will figure out what to do with the dining area! (FYI) These are not sleeper sofas unfortunately.

I kept seeing these >> roller shades << all over Pinterest being used in trailers and after doing some shopping around for blinds I realized why. They are the best price for natural looking shades and they’re light weight.

For our bedroom I decided to look around for some extra bedding to put over our white Beddy’s (Use my code: DIVINE for 20% OFF). I knew the entire bedroom would be all white so I wanted to have an extra color to balance everything out. I found this comforter from Target and the photo of it inspired me so much! The shiplap and the farmhouse light. It all looked so pretty to me!

My silly drawing of our bedroom plans!

For the back bunk room I wanted to do a pop of color on the cabinet organizer that was already in the trailer, a shiplap accent wall and a fun >> wallpaper << around the corner to balance out the white walls. I wanted the back room to be a fun space for the boys to run into and play. Something where I could let my creativity flow but also have a view of it from the living space that was cohesive with the rest of the trailer. That’s why I chose to put the wallpaper around the corner so you wouldn’t see it until you walked into the space. I chose this wallpaper because I thought it was absolutely perfect! My boys love animals and stars, the green color is similar to the green I painted the cabinet and it also reminds me of my grandparents. They love having these kinds of animals and photos around their log cabin in central Oregon.

For the bathroom I let my creativity also run wild. I wanted a fun >> pattern tile << for the floor since it was such a small space. Something cute that would catch your eye. This is also a peel in stick flooring just like the peel and stick we will be doing for the rest of the trailer. You can also order this tile with faux grout lines if you’re not covering actual square tiles. Which is what I ordered.

I found so much inspiration and ideas on Instagram and Pinterest for our trailer remodel. I decided to go with white cabinets, a light countertop and white subway backsplash for the kitchen because I wanted to keep things light and bright to make the trailer feel more open! In a small space you want to do whatever you can to make it feel bigger.

It’s easier to share my “Trailer Remodel Ideas!” Pinterest board than to share a bunch of inspiration photos for our trailer. Everything I’ve been looking at is on there! Even blog posts on how to paint your trailer walls, do’s and don’ts, fails and of course the pretty photos to give you lots of ideas!

I will however share some more of the items I have purchased or I’m going to be purchasing for the trailer and I will update you guys and let you know how they worked out for me!

Checkout my Amazon Storefront for all the products I’ve ordered so far! We are slowly installing things and of course I will be sharing all of it on my Instagram.

Trailer Remodel Progress

We started out by removing everything in the trailer, cleaning the walls with TSP, filling all the holes with spackle, sanding the walls with our electric sander and then priming them. It was pretty time consuming and not very fun to do. It was also super hot because we weren’t able to be hooked up yet to run the AC. So it might not be as bad if you were working in a cooler temperature.

I ended up painting our entertainment center black so when I look back at these photos I question if I should of left it white. It looked nice with the white primer!

We kind of over bought paint from reading blog posts. I thought we needed a lot more. We used one full can of the Kilz 3 primer for the entire trailer plus on top of all the cabinets. We couldn’t believe it! We only did one coat of primer which looking back 2 coats would have probably been better because we did 2 coats of paint and went back through a 3rd time touching up spots. We took the Kilz 2 back to the store and only ended up using the Kilz 3.

Of course the one weekend we planned on painting we went to Sherwin Williams to get our paint (where we always get our paint) and they had zero sales going on. That never happens! So we ended up getting our paint at Lowe’s. We used the Sherwin Williams HGTV Showcase paint for the walls in Eggshell. The white we used is our favorite true white “High Reflective White” and it was so exciting seeing the drastic change from painting the walls. I don’t think Lowe’s had the High Reflective White color so I had to give them the little paint sample I had grabbed from the actual Sherwin Williams store. They were able to make it for me now problem!

For the cabinet paint we chose to do this Valspar cabinet paint. I wanted to do a satin or eggshell but they only had semi-gloss. I could of waited but I wanted to get all the paint at once. I figured semi-gloss would be easy to keep clean and wipe down. Especially doing a white kitchen. We did the same “High Reflective White” for the kitchen in the cabinet paint. For the back bedroom cabinet I did a color called “Lichen & Liverwort” which is a Sherwin Williams color had them make in the Valspar cabinet paint along with Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black” for the entertainment cabinet.

For the walls we used this style roller.

For the cabinets we used this style roller. I should mention I did not paint the inside of the kitchen cabinets or the bedroom cabinets. I felt it would have been way more work and not needed. I didn’t paint the inside of the doors either! I did paint the inside of the green cabinet only because it had open shelves. It took a very long time!

So far the cabinet paint seems to be pretty solid and looks really nice the more coats you do. You definitely want to read the directions and give it the right drying time so it will cure correctly. I primed all the cabinets before painting them.

I plan on building some drawers for the open space on the right. It used to open from the front side with a door and had a clothes rod in it. I think the drawers I make will be big and utilize the space more making it more functional for our boys.

I just love the power of paint! Next up were the floors. I did a lot of research and found that peel and stick flooring was going to be our best bet. It’s light weight and inexpensive. Throughout the trailer process we have felt that trailers are made cheap so it’s okay to put cheap stuff in them. Instead of real tile do peel and stick tile. Instead of a new counter cover it with contact paper. Floors? Peel and stick flooring! Not only is it nice spending less but it’s been a change and fun doing these other options. It’s a heck of a lot easier than installing real flooring and real tile.

The >> flooring << we chose is from Lowe’s and we used 4 or 5 boxes. What’s great about this is we were able to leave the old flooring down to protect the plywood under it. This made installing a breeze and later if we spilt any liquid on the floor that might seep through the cracks it wouldn’t cause any damage to the plywood. If one gets damaged you can just peel it off the floor and change it out for a new one! It was super fun to install too. We started on the inside of the slide and then on the inside wall in the bedroom working towards the bunk room. We wanted to make sure the slide was straight and the flooring was straight against the front of the slide. Thankfully the trailer walls were pretty dang straight so the floors turned out straight.

We will be doing the transition part of the slide here soon and I will share how we do that. I actually looked everywhere for a blog post sharing how to do the slide piece and I couldn’t really find much so we are doing it our own way!

Here’s a better photo of the flooring installed and in the natural light. It’s actually beautiful for only being peel and stick!

Here’s some more progress of the areas with finished cabinet doors! It makes such a difference getting them put back on. All the hardware is linked in my Amazon Storefront.

You might notice the top kitchen cabinet doors are a little different. I didn’t love the arches in the old doors and I’m so glad I changed them out for new shaker style doors. Looks a lot more modern and I love how they turned out!

I cleaned the older cabinets with Krud Kutter, sanded them, primed them and sprayed them with my HomeRight Sprayer.

I decided to make these wood coverings for the curtains we will be putting on each side of the bedroom. I love adding wood to fresh new paint and modern updates. This was inspired by an account I follow on Instagram. She actually has almost the exact same trailer as us and has inspired me a ton with ours!

The last thing we’ve done recently was adding the contact paper over the old countertops. I did a lot of research about this and it sounded like it was going to be our best inexpensive choice. Everyone says its durable, easy to clean and lasts a long time. It was pretty annoying to install but I’m happy with the outcome. You have to treat it like regular laminate. Don’t put anything hot on it and don’t cut on it. It can easily be wiped down to clean. Here’s a few photos of the before and after! I love how much brighter the kitchen is. It looks pretty real. I always want to share that using a hair dryer on the curved edges is the way to go. Works so well.

Prep is key. You want to make sure your counters are clean and free of any specs of dirt or stuff stuck onto them. I just wiped them down with a clorox wipe and took a blade to the entire counter. I scraped off a lot of drops of paint from when we painted the cabinets. We took out the old sink and made sure it was cut for the new one.

Here is the beautiful after! I had to put a small piece on the edge but you can barely tell. I put them close together and tried to match the pattern. I think for a cheap quick fix it looks pretty awesome. You could even do this to your kitchen countertops at home!

Well this was an extremely long post! If you’re still here reading thank you! I hope you were inspired and enjoyed being here. There’s so much more to come and I hope you’ll stay along for the ride! We don’t know what’s to come be we trust the Lord has good plans for us and we are hopeful and excited to see what the future holds. What God holds. We are currently searching for our next home and enjoying life as we wait to find it.

Lots of love,

One thought on “Travel Trailer Plans & Progress | Our Temporary Home on Wheels!

  1. I have been thinking about this alot. We are in oregon too and realized that if we sell out house we would he debt free. Completely.
    But then what. For now you feel the urgency of being debt free and budgeting well.
    I appreciate the transparency about being lead by God. Thank you for sharing and really awesome trailer!


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