Church Nursery Progress

We are getting close to the finishing touches! So far the entry is coming together, we installed the new lights, outlets/switches and finished laying out the play mat. Doors are painted and soon we will begin installing the new baseboards and trim.

We purchase the rest of the cabinets for the little storage wall and the wood top that will go with them. We also got the same wood top for the entry bench. I love the idea of using wood for the entry bench because it will create some nice contrast and also become a durable top for the little kids to sit on.

For the cabinets we decided on two 36” cabinets for under the window since the window measurement was 72” I figured they would fit perfectly under it and look a lot nicer! Then I chose to do two 30” cabinets on each far side. It fills up the wall really well and everything looks even and balanced. I can’t wait to build the base and paint them! This was a DIY I found on Pinterest. To save some money and get a smaller cabinet depth you purchase upper cabinets that are 12” deep. They cost a lot less than actual base cabinets and then you build a base for them made out of 2 x 4’s which adds height to them and makes them look more like base cabinets!

We have a decent amount of work ahead of us and I’m super excited. We purchased all the wood for the kid’s new playhouse as well and I can’t wait to start building it!

Check back soon for more updates!


Our last trip to the church we added the wood tops to the bench and storage cabinets! I tried to match the stain color to the floors and they turned out pretty perfect! We also built the base for the cabinets and I brought some of the entry decor over to see how it would look!

The cabinets still need painted and knobs added which will totally change the look of that far wall. Next time we visit the church we will most likely focus on the half door. We plan on taking it out, filling in the wall and putting a huge chalk board over it!

See you next time!

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