Church Nursery Remodel

A few months ago I was asked to help design and remodel our church nursery! I felt so honored and humbled to help! This nursery is for babies and children up to 3 years old. The goal is to start completely over and make the space fun for the kids, functional and easy to clean. Kids really know how to spread germs especially having class every Sunday we want to make sure every item in the room is easy to keep clean/germ free. I also want to add a special spot in the room for crawling babies. When babies are ready to crawl, stand and walk they need a clean area to move around in. I know this because my 10 month old is on the move now and doesn’t like to be held all the time. I always worry about what germs he’s picking up on the ground as he crawls around. So in this nursery we need a spot to be able to put the babies down and let them play without worrying about them. I’m excited to share my ideas with you guys in hopes this will inspire you with ideas for your own church nursery, classroom or even play areas in our own home!

Let’s take a look at the space we are working with:

The view from the main entry.

Birds eye view of the floor plan:

The room was actually two rooms at one time with a wall in the center. Not sure when it happened but the wall was removed and a support post was added to the center of the room to support the beam up in the ceiling. I want to make the post look somewhat nice and not an eyesore. I’m hoping with the new changes in the room your eye won’t go straight to the post when you walk in.

Here are my plans for the room:

Next to the door when you walk in I plan on creating a mudroom type entry. Adding a bench with hooks above and cubbies so the children and parents can have a spot to take off shoes/coats and store their belongings.


Source: Wayfair
Source: Joss & Main
Source: Pottery Barn

Here’s a little design using cube storage units from Walmart:

Straight across from the entrance around the window I plan on utilizing the empty space with cabinets for storage. I want the teacher (my amazing friend Christie) to have a place to store all of her teaching supplies. It is her classroom so I want to meet her needs and have a special space just for her.


Source: Thrifty Decor Chick

To the right of that space is the next window. In this corner I want it to be a place for the babies to go. I’ll add a changing table here, a baby gate and a special play mat for the floor that can easily be wiped down and cleaned before and after every Sunday. I’ll add a few toys as well to keep the little ones happy and a baby swing for the new babies.


Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Now for the last corner of the room I’d like this to be the play area for the bigger kids. I want it to be a space where the kids will run to when their parents drop them off. I want it to be so fun and unique the kids won’t even notice their parents left them! I would like to have tons of toy storage, a fun rug and a custom built mini house with a little play kitchen.


Source: Pinterest
Source: Etsy Sweet Home From Wood

Now that you know what my vision looks like let’s take a look at the progress!

We cleared everything out of the room and removed the yucky carpet! There was sticky glue underneath which thankfully wasn’t too bad to deal with. We put some floor patch on the spots of the floor that needed to be leveled and sprinkled some dry floor patch all over the room to get rid of the sticky feel to the floor. [Disclaimer: Sprinkling dry floor patch all over was very messy! It sticks to the bottom of your shoes. The guys had to climb in and out of the window to cut the new flooring when installing it. They didn’t want to track the white dust onto the church carpet.]

Next we painted the room Incredible White by Sherwin Williams. This is one of my favorite colors to use! It’s very neutral, clean and inviting. I have used it many times in my own home!

We decided to leave the mural and paint around it.

Once the painting was finished the guys started on the floor using laminate Mohawk flooring from Costco in the color Southbridge Scraped Oak. This was the best priced flooring for the look I was wanting. It has a pad underneath it and it’s supposed to be super durable. Great for kids!

It’s coming along! Next up is baseboards and trim. I also want to do a little DIY on the flat doors. Add some trim to them before we paint them so they look more updated without having to buy new doors. I plan on wrapping the post in either stained wood or white MDF. I haven’t decided yet. We plan on taking out the half door in the corner and possibly covering that area with a large chalkboard.

I’m super excited to start getting all the furniture pieces ordered for the room! I imagine it will all start taking shape pretty quick when everything arrives!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the progress! Check back soon for more updates!

Special thanks to my hubby for always supporting me and helping me with my projects! Another special thank you to Paul Cooper for helping install the new flooring and helping me with the digital plans of the nursery! Big thank you to Pastor Dick, Christie and the deacons for letting me design and create this new space!

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