Baby Items + Hospital Must Haves

Let’s start with must have baby items! I feel the need to share some great baby items with you guys because the newborn stage can be so hard. Especially when you’re a new mom trying to figure things out. Baby items that work can make a huge difference in the new transition of becoming a mom and making sure your baby is happy. With my first baby I found a lot of products I loved and didn’t love. With baby number two it’s been a lot easier because I know what works and what doesn’t work.


Babies always scratch their poor little faces when they’re born. They don’t really know any better. I’ve tried all kinds of mittens and even socks to try and keep their faces scratch free. They always seem to fall off. I finally found some that work amazing and don’t fall off. They shrink a little bit after you wash them so it makes them work even better. Definitely stock up on these!

2-pack No-scratch Mittens

Footed Pants

Some other items that are always falling off are socks! That’s why I love these pants! They are available in girl and boy styles. They’re great because they keep the little feet covered, they’re cute and comfy! They come in several sizes too so if you love them they can grow with your baby. Pair them with a neutral or white onesie for a cute and comfy outfit. I stocked up on several pairs of these because you go through laundry like crazy with a newborn.

Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Footed Pajama Set

The first few weeks of being a new mom you will most likely be home a lot. I have found I love having my babies in pajamas. They’re cozy, happy and comfortable. I love these pajamas especially because they zip starting from the bottom. This allows easy access for diaper changes! You don’t have to get them all naked and upset. Just zip their little legs out and zip them back up! I put them in these at night as well. There’s options for boys and girls too.

Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Burp Cloths

I know burp cloths seem like an easy thing to choose. All burp cloths are not the same though! If your babies are anything like mine then you need these burp cloths I’m sharing. My boys spit up a ton. All the time and a lot of it. I change my shirt all day long because it just gets EVERYWHERE. These burp cloths are the best because they absorb a lot. We keep these guys all over the house and go through them like crazy!

4-pack Burp Cloths

If you’re really desperate! We were given a bunch of these little blankets when Brayden was born and what’s funny to me is they are not big enough or thick enough to be blankets. So I also use them as burp cloths! If all else fails invest in some thick kitchen towels!

4-pack Blankets

Diapers & Wipes

I can’t remember why we decided to try this specific brand but I know we weren’t happy with Pampers. The hospital uses pampers so we assumed it was a good brand and started using them. Not long after coming home we had tons of blowouts and pee everywhere. The diapers didn’t seem to hold anything in them. So we decided to try this other brand from Target. We’ve been using the diapers and the wipes for over two years now with our first son and we just started using them with our second son. We rarely ever have blowouts and they’re priced pretty good. Target also has promotions going on most of the time where you can spend a certain amount and get a gift card for a certain amount. We also love these because they’re both unscented.

Diapers | Wipes


There’s so many different ways to have your baby sleep at night. With our first we had him sleep in a swing. It helped settle his tummy and put him to sleep so fast. Unfortunately it had taught him he needed the motion of a swing every night to fall asleep. He’s now two years old and I rock him every night in our rocking chair before bed. We are trying to ween him because it’s a bit more difficult putting him to bed now having a second child. Although I do enjoy rocking him and it’s a special thing we do at the end of each day. So I’d say it’s been harder for me to say goodbye to this season. I got some great advice from a good friend of mine and she told me putting your baby in a bassinet or something that does not move will make it easier later for baby to transition to their crib (no motion). I decided to try this with our second baby Carter and so far he is sleeping like a champ through the night! He loves his DockATot and it’s nice because we can put it on the bed next to us. We have a king bed so I’m able to have him on the outside of me. Not exactly right on the edge. I have him scooted in a little more but this allows me to still sleep next to my husband which I think is so important! You can also put the DockATot in the center of the bed or in a bassinet. Whatever works for you! I know there are other things you can put your baby in so definitely shop around.

DockATot Deluxe + Dock

Velcro Swaddle

Just like with a lot of other things there’s so many different types of swaddles. You can definitely try to swaddle your baby in a blanket but my kids are crazy ninjas and somehow always get their arms out. I read somewhere that babies sleep better swaddled because they tend to jolt in their sleep which wakes them up. Swaddling them keeps them tight and doesn’t let them move. Sounds kind of funny but it helps them sleep so much better. With my first son I did not know this. So all night long he would wake up and want to nurse to soothe himself back to sleep. He would get upset too when I would swaddle him so I just decided to stop. With our second I am pro swaddle all the way! He fusses sometimes when I swaddle him up but then he calms down. I love using velcro swaddles because they cannot get themselves out of it. There’s some out there that zip too. Try some out and see what works best for baby. Amazon also sells tons of options!

3-pack Swaddle

Mitten Cuff Onsies

These onesies are another must have for newborns all the way to 3 months or so! You will go through onesies like crazy because of spit up, poop and pee. I love using the white onsies because they go with any pants, you can spot clean/bleach them and the built-in mittens are the best! You don’t even have to worry about finding mittens for your baby to wear.

3-pack Onesie


I was never a fan of pacifiers mostly because my first wouldn’t take one. Our second however will take one and it has helped so much with our nighttime routine. I’ve found we don’t really have it out during the day but at night my son seems to want to pacify more. If you’re a new mom and going to breastfeed you will find your baby will sometimes want to suck to pacify himself to sleep. A lot of the time if babies wake at night yes they could be hungry but they could also have a hard time sleeping and want to use you as a pacifier. This is just from my own experience! I like to try the pacifier at night if he seems fussy and most of the time he will just go back to sleep. So if you feel like you’re feeding a ton at night and baby just doesn’t seem happy… Try a pacifier! These are the ones that have seemed to work best.

Soothie Pacifier

Manual Breast Pump

I’m not sure why I never thought of this before. With my first I always had a fear of being somewhere and not being able to feed my baby. I feared getting engorged and then getting Mastitis. I had Mastitis once before with my first son and it was the worst! So this handy dandy little pump is a life saver you can take anywhere with you!

Silicone Breast Pump

Nursing/Carseat Cover

These covers work so well and are so inexpensive! They fit over your carseat perfectly and keep strangers out! I have yet to use it nursing but the material is so soft and so cute!

Option 1 | Option 2

The Sugar House Personalized Swaddle & Hat

I cannot tell you how many compliments we got using this swaddle and hat in the hospital. It’s great for announcing baby’s name and hospital/newborn pictures! You can customize your font and see what it looks like before you order. The material is so soft and stretchy so it really does swaddle your baby good. We love it and so did our new baby Carter. You can message the shop owner if you have any questions!

Swaddle + Hat Set

Boppy Nursing Pillow

I used this pillow with Brayden and now Carter. It’s a must have if you’re nursing! I use it all day long and it’s also great when guests want to hold baby. It supports your baby when holding him or her. You can find covers pretty much anywhere! I love finding unique covers from Etsy. I currently have a minky cover on mine and it’s so soft.

Nursing Pillow Only

Diaper Backpack

I love this backpack! I have it in several colors and it has tons of storage! I can fit both Brayden and Carter’s stuff in it. My husband isn’t afraid to wear it which is a plus! The price is great too!


Slimming Nursing Cami

You guys need this! It’s a game changer! Right after you have your baby in the hospital your stomach will not look or feel the same. I mean you just had a baby in there for 9 months! If you’re anything like me your skin will be a little saggy and your insides will feel like they’re all over the place. I remember feeling so uncomfortable after I had my first son. The loose skin made me feel so weird. So this time around I splurged and got this cami from Target. They have more options in store. This cami allows you to nurse easily and keeps your tummy comfortably tight. I not only wore this in the hospital but I where it 24/7 at home and anytime we go somewhere under my normal clothes. This cami helps keep things tight and in place. It will help you feel more confident after having your baby!

Slimming Nursing Cami

Nursing Bras

You have to get these nursing bras! I wear them at home if I plan to be lounging around the house all day. I also wear them at night. They’re so comfortable and make it so easy for you to breastfeed. No annoying clips! I would recommend going to the store and seeing all the options they have.

Nursing Bras

Hospital Dress

A lot of ladies buy an expensive gown or robe to wear at the hospital. You’re supposed to wear a robe or gown so the nurses can check you down there after you have your baby. I found these super soft dresses at Walmart! They’re so inexpensive and I thought I would try wearing one in the hospital. It worked out so well and I remember feeling so human in it after Carter was born. It’s also stretchy so you can easily pull the top down to nurse. I grabbed this in a couple different colors and wore them before baby was born too. When you’re almost 40 weeks pregnant and nothing fits these dresses are perfect.

Options 1 | Options 2

Hospital Robe

If you would rather wear a robe after your baby is born here’s a good one I brought with me. I thought it would be cute for photos and another comfortable option if I didn’t want to wear a dress.



When you take your baby home the first month or so is pretty much survival mode. You might be living in your pajamas and that’s okay! After your baby is born your body is also trying to heal and you’ll want to be comfortable so these pajamas are perfect for bedtime and lounging around the house. The fabric is extremely soft! You will seriously love sleeping in these! The fabric is also stretchy so it makes it easy to pull your shirt down and breastfeed. I have these in several colors! I also wear the shirts out and about because they are so comfy and easy to nurse in. There’s also shorts in this style! So if you prefer shorts over pants definitely check them out in the store.

Tops | Bottoms

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are nice to have and wear when you’re pregnant yes but they are also great for after baby comes. Just like the cami that slims you leggings with a belly band can also suck things in. You can wear one or the other or even both at the same time. Definitely hang onto your maternity leggings and wear them after your baby arrives. You will be happy you did.

Crop Legging | Long Legging

Little Fan

I have to mention this for the hospital. It helped me so much during the terrible contractions. I got so hot and nauseous and the little fans they let you use at the hospital just don’t work that well. I put this on the table next to me and had it blowing in my face. It kept me from being sick and was a life saver! I also used it for sleeping at the hospital. The noises from the monitors and just the noises from the hospital can keep you from getting good sleep. So this fan is the perfect size and everything for your hospital stay. We just kept it in the box and brought it with us.


Here’s a quick list of some extra items & advice for your hospital visit

Bring a pair of cheap flip flops for showering (hospital showers might not be as clean as you think!), a pair of some slide on slippers or sandals for walking around your room & going to the bathroom (again floors can be dirty), your own comfy socks unless you like the hospital socks (they give you a free pair if you like them), and your own pillow and blanket if you’re picky (otherwise they also provide those). I was fine using their mesh undies and pads. They work just fine. If you don’t want to wear them some moms have recommended wearing depends or bringing your own cheap underwear (that you don’t care to bleed on). I recommend buying pads ahead of time to keep in your bathrooms at home. You will bleed for a few weeks and I started out using the really long absorbent pads. TMI but sitting and sleeping it’s nice to have your backside covered too. You should also purchase some hemorrhoid cream. If you push pretty hard during labor or push out a huge baby you’re going to need it. Your bum will be pretty sore for awhile! I recommend Preperation H ointment and the Tucks medicated pads. The hospital will give you a small bottle to spray water on your lady parts. Make sure you keep that and bring it home! They let you take it home. Another item you can take home from the hospital is the nose sucker for your baby (works a lot better than ones you can buy in a store). I purchased a cheap little stand up mirror from Walmart so I could sit and do my makeup on the bed in the hospital. Felt good to wash my face and get some makeup on! If that’s something you enjoy make sure you get one so you aren’t standing up in the bathroom putting on your face. You won’t feel like standing the first few days after having a baby. Another important item is a nipple shield. Some babies won’t latch very good when breastfeeding. This is a life saver! I would invest in some nipple cream too. Last but not least is a big bag for all your stuff. Target has some really cute ones and so does Walmart (my two fav places to shop if you haven’t noticed). I also recommend this baby book that I got for both my boys. It comes with paper and a cool way to get your baby’s footprints and handprints. If you want to do something like this make sure you have the paper and ink out ready for the nurse before you deliver your baby. You don’t want to forget to do this if it’s important to you!

Well friends! That’s it! I hope all of these items make your hospital stay and newborn life a little bit better! I know they helped me a lot. If I think of anything else I’ll add them to this list. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I know there’s a lot more items I’ve used so if there’s something specific you’re looking for and wondering what I’ve used don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Congrats mama and enjoy this time in your life! It can be hard but it’s also beautiful and it goes so fast!

[You can find more items/new items I’ve been using in my Amazon Storefront]

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